I had a wonderful 4th beginning with a cookout at Lindseys and then watching the Lincolnton parade and fireworks uptown from Freedom’s roof 🙂


I haven’t posted any of my photos in over a year!  I’ve been taking them, just not posting them!  I am going to start getting that organized and posting some soon!

Regan’s prom was May 21st, 2011.  I had a blast taking photos of her and Jordan.  She is beautiful, so it was very easy to get some amazing shots 🙂

i did a photoshoot for Maggie and Kevin for the LHS prom on March 26, 2011.  it was a little cold, but they managed to smile and have a great time in spite of the not-so-perfect weather 🙂

what a beautiful day we had for this photoshoot with my co-worker, flora, her daughter, sabrina, and her sister’s family.  the kids had so much fun playing in the leaves!  it was a perfect fall day and the leaves were so pretty.  i had a great time shooting this fun family 🙂

what a sweet and loving family!!  i had so much fun doing this photoshoot with my dear friends.  nancy is my photography assistant and is such a huge help to me.  it was nice to get to take photos of her and her wonderful family 🙂

well this was a first…i had a photoshoot with my first 4-legged friend on October 23, 2010.  darby wasn’t in the mood to have her pictures taken or be dressed up like miss america, so we did the best we could 🙂